Sunday, 24 March 2013

Jane Austen's Portrait - postscript

Following my post about the Smedleys and Jane Austen, Paula Byrne kindly supplied me with a copy of the map which shows the sightline indicated by the view in the portrait. The same sightline was  plotted independently by four different historians, convincing evidence, I believe, that the portrait was drawn by a room in the house where the Smedleys lived.

Here is the map:

10 April 2013

Over on Twitter @unseenAusten also posted a map showing a very similar sightline which she has given me permission  to reproduce here:

The view from the window in the portrait of 'Miss Jane Austin' does indeed appear to be the view which would be seen from the window of the property known as The Sanctuary, residence of the Smedleys. 

Another map of the area, courtesy of @unseenAusten

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